Wine can be a simple yet complex endeavor. Some might say it is merely fermented grape juice. However, it is also an ancient beverage that tells the story of hundreds of peoples and their ways of bonding with their land.

Finca Feliz

To us, wine is about creating a connection with our origin, as it is an integral piece in the backbone of our culture. Our goal is to convey the natural character and evolution of each grapevine, so our approach is all about low intervention. In line with this, indigenous yeasts are used to promote spontaneous fermentation, in a process where the addition of external elements is kept to a minimum.

As such, we seek to craft wines of a mesmerizing personality, year after year. Finca Feliz means unconventional wines capturing the true essence of each grape variety.

Our Sustainability practices are certified by Bodegas de Argentina and LETIS

About us

Finca Feliz is a family-owned project brought to life by Carlos and Lis Clément. Emerging first as a place for father and daughter to spend time together and unleash their creativity, Finca Feliz continues to evolve, guided by the vision of two deeply invested generations.

Carlos and Lis dream big. Although they come from different professional backgrounds, there is something about the way in which they work that simply draws them together. They firmly believe in living life with honor and dignity, working for the land and its people, always giving their best and sparing no effort. When it comes to Carlos and Lis, there is always room for utopias.

What we believe in

For more than 500 years now, Argentine viticulture has integrated the know-how of native peoples with the winemaking tradition of European immigrants. Native grapes such as Criolla and Pedro Giménez have been long overshadowed by French varieties, which arrived in Argentina in the mid-1800s.

We belong to a new generation of winegrowers who dream of encouraging diversity at the heart of Argentine winemaking, which is why our wines are crafted with European and Argentine grapes alike. Our commitment is to achieve excellence both in the vineyard and at the winery, all the while focusing on sustainability of the land and our community.

Happy wines

Our project started back in 1999, when we planted our first vineyards in the district of Santa Rosa, in Mendoza. A few years later, in 2021, we embarked on the riveting world of winemaking, guided by one clear vision: exploring how distinctive wines can become if given the chance to march to the beat of their own drum, away from the conventions imposed by an increasingly standardized market.

And so our first portfolio, Tesoro, came to be, featuring five wines:
Criolla, the epitome of the perfectly balanced flavors of this local vine, yielding vibrant ruby-red grapes. On the nose, cherry and raspberry aromas stand out. Round and slightly sweet on the palate, with a level of acidity that brings out consistent freshness. Our little Pinot Noir, if you will.

Orange wine made from Pedro Giménez, fermented with its skin. Bright golden, brimming with aromas and floral notes. A very nice volume and acidity through and through, with delicate aromas of orange blossoms, bergamot oranges, and honeycomb toffee.

Bonarda, the second most grown grape variety in Argentina after Malbec. A sweet, pleasant attack and beautiful balance between tannins and acidity. On the nose, it unfolds a fitting array of red fruits such as cherries, plums, and figs.

This Malbec by Finca Feliz can be best described by its vibrancy, a word pointing to its distinctive aromas, overall freshness and lively color. Our desert terroir, made up of young and sandy soil profiles, contributes to the development of soft and pleasant tannins. Finally, a series of short macerations at low temperatures in concrete vats result in a pure red-fruit and round feel on the palate.


Pileta del Año, special edition of only 2,200 bottles. An original blend of Ancellotta and Criolla which, as it was being crafted, completely dazzled us with its elegance, fruit-forwardness and expression. A true blast!

22-2-22 Special Edition, a limited batch of 2,000 bottles of Criolla Malbec. A cosmic blend, so to speak.

Lis Clément